Save the hero who saved you on the battlefield

Now we need each other like never before! Only mutual assistance and awareness of the importance of each person’s role will help us win. Those who risk their lives for you every day need you right now!


About the company

Who we are and how
we work

Hi! We are co-founders of the “Save the Hero” Charitable Foundation – entrepreneurs and just people. Our names are Modelny Felix and Yuriy Kislov, we purchase and deliver tourniquets, tactical pharmacies and provision of medical equipment for tactical medicine to the military.

Many soldiers die from loss of blood, that is why we founded the “Save the Hero” Charitable Foundation. We saw the need for tourniquets, tourniquets and tactical medical kits for the military and planned to provide them ourselves. We receive a request for the necessary from the military, collect money, transfer it to suppliers and deal with the supply of equipment.

Our goal
To provide each hero with everything necessary to provide medical assistance to himself and his fellow citizens, to stand up, defending Ukraine, and return to his relatives alive
Our Purpose
To reduce deaths on the battlefields and make sure that children can see their daddies alive and women can hug their heroes at home
Our Task
To collect funds for 10,000 turnstiles for the military located near Kharkiv, Sumy, and Zaporizhzhia. Any help would be appreciated
Join in, please! Together to victory!
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Our Team

Our team consists of desperate and dedicated people

Yuriy Kislov

Entrepreneur with 15 years of experience

Specializes in construction.

Co-founder of the charity fund Save the Hero Master of Management

Anna Vereshchak

Brand creator. PR & marketing specialist

The owner of the communication agency Hellogroza

Personal branding mentor

Marketing, PR.

Felix Modelskyi

Entrepreneur with 20 years of experience

Co-founder of the ROBOCODE company,

co-founder of the Save the Hero fund,

has a medical education

Why we do how we do it

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We are proud

We delivered a bus and a jeep to Bakhmut for the soldiers. We also regularly deliver food

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What equipment do we need?

Stay tuned to this block as information will be updated

Clothing for the military

Unfortunately, with active battles things such as clothing are easily deteriorated or lost. Please join our initiative and promote the faster restoration of our military.


Tactical Aid kits

One of the most important needs at the front is medicine. Tactical first-aid kits are what save lives in the first minutes of injury. Save the lives of our defenders.



We all understand how important meals are, especially for the military. Do you want to join the gathering? Press “Donate”



The execution of combat missions often requires promptness. And war is when every second counts. Every day, our equipment is destroyed by the enemy, help our defenders, they will be hit by a car.


Electrical appliances

In the age of digital warfare, our military needs digital support. Donate and sponsor a downed enemy bird.


Medical equipment

Tourniquets, hemostatic stickers, stretchers are all elements of life-saving medical equipment. We urge you to save the lives of those who save you.